Learn to Swim Program

Our learn to swim classes are focused on having children swimming a safe distance with eyes down and a freestyle kick. Following this we introduce freestyle stroke and progressively introducing additional strokes as your child progresses through the program.


Basics of swimming

In this level our beginners are learning to keep their face in the water as they kick forward with their eyes down. 

Freestyle and Backstroke

Extended Distance

Swimming the full length of our 15m pool, our learners will refine their freestyle and backstroke skills while also learning breaststroke kick

Swim and Breathe

Coming up for a breath and swim

As our learners are confident swimming forwards with their eyes down for 3-5 seconds we want them to learn to come up for a breath and keep swimming. 

Advanced Swimming

3 - Stroke Correction

Our learners are refining their freestyle, backstroke and breastroke

Learning Freestyle

Long strokes and head roll

When our learners are ready for freestyle we will teach bi-lateral breathing with a focus on long strokes to maximize efficiency. We begin with 2 head rolls before extending distance. 

All Strokes

Basics of swimming

In this grade our advanced learners are learning all 4 strokes in their lessons.