Private Lessons 

Private lessons are becoming the preferred option for many parents to enable a specialized development program for your child. Every child has their own little areas of skill development that can require some additional focus, and private lessons are the perfect opportunity for one of our experienced teachers to tailor the lesson to ensure the most comprehensive development in the shortest period of time.

Children who are just starting lessons or who have developed a fear or anxiety around water will often seek to start the child in private lessons and transition them over to group lessons once confidence has been developed. If this sounds like the approach you would like to take please let us know your ideal number of private lessons and we can seek to align this with a confidence building pathway.


Private one on one
babies classes

Many babies develop better with less distractions in a group class, or in some cases have a parent who is unable to get in the water. In these cases we can tailor the program to suit your needs.

Learn to Swim

Private one-on-one learn to swim classes

Whether it be confidence building, overcoming a fear or anxiety in the water, specific skill development, or the need for a class with less distractions, we can provide learn to swim classes to fast-track progress.

At home lessons

Private lessons at
your home

Some children swim better and feel safer at home. Our instructors can provide personal lessons in the comfort of your pool.