Will my child enjoy swim lessons?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Children are all such very different personalities, particularly when it comes to swim lessons where there is plenty of uncertainty and nerves.

Even within the same families we have little sibling learners with such very different attitudes towards their first lessons. As a result, some will take longer than others to feel safe in their lessons and as a result participate leading to progress.

When does confidence usually develop?

In order for children to enjoy and progress in their swimming lessons they will need to feel safe in the swim school environment, be comfortable with their teacher and other class participants they share the class with, and feel familiar with the activities being taught.

Feeling safe in swim lessons

Repetition of weekly classes builds confidence in the facility through familiarity. Every child has a set number of lessons that they will need to have been the the facility enough times to feel familiar. The first lesson is always the hardest in this respect.

Give it time to blossom.

Often the most determined children to not participate in lesson turn out to be the most excited little learners once their familiarity and confidence has developed. Swim skills are part of our lifestyles for a very long time so a few unhappy classes while your child adapts to their new environment will be very worthwhile.

Many of our little learners will take 4-5 lessons and some more determined little learners up to 8. But every lesson your child will be more and more familiar in their new swimming environment and the people within it.

Take the right approach

As mentioned earlier every child is different. The approach need not always be the same. Private lessons and two lessons a week can do amazing wonders for the confidence of your child and is highly recommended in specific cases.

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